Friday, January 28, 2011

Handpohone Strap 手机吊饰

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  1. Bear Bear 方形小熊 - 4 x 5cm
  2. Red Flora 红碎花 - 4cm Diameter
  3. Red Circle 红圈圈 -4cm Diameter
  4. 'Lo Ve' Couple 情侣吊饰 - 4cm Diameter -
  5. Purple Batik 紫色 - 4cm Diameter
  6. Yellow 黄色格子 - 4cm Diameter
  7. Blue-green Flora青蓝色碎花 - 4cm Diameter
  8. Blue Flora with Chick 小鸡 - 4cm Diameter

Pencil Case铅笔袋

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  1. Yellow Fabric with Orange and Red Rabbit黄色格子与红橙色小兔 - 20cm x 11cm
  2. Flora Purple紫色花纹 - 20cm x 8cm
  3. Flora Blue浅蓝色花纹 - 20cm x 11cm
  4. Yellow Fabric with White and Red Rabbit黄色格子与红白色小兔 - 20cm x 9cm

Home Sweet Home 小屋系列

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This coming Chinese New Year and Valentine, hope everyone could back to their sweet home, celebrate with their beloved family and darling.
Happy CNY and Valentine!

Coin Purse

11cm x 11cm


Coin Purse 零钱包

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  1. White Pattern Fabric with Pink Rabbit 白底粉红小兔 - 11cm x 8cm
  2. White Pattern Fabric with Pink Fish 白底粉红鱼儿 - 9cm x 10cm
  3. Red&White Fabric with Dark Blue Fish 红白线条与深蓝鱼儿 - 10cm x 10cm
  4. Red&White Fabric with Baby Blue Fish 红白线条与浅蓝鱼儿- 9cm x 10cm

All Sold


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